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Questions and Answers

I am a pet parent and think my pet would benefit from PT. What's my next step?

Contact us for a free consultation and we will discuss your pet's condition and possible next steps. Dr. Peairs will reach out to your veterinarian for a referral, or you can reach out to your vet to request one. Once a referral is received, an initial evaluation can be scheduled.

Do you see horses?

No, not at this time. We specialize in treating dogs and cats. Dr. Peairs has a background with horses and may be adding equine treatment in the future.

I am a Veterinarian and have a patient who could use PT/rehab. What is the easiest way to refer?

You have several options: 1) Email me at with the case and I can send back a referral form or link for electronic signature. 2) Download the Referral form PDF from this website and either complete electronically or print, sign, and return via email. 3) Give me a call and I can bring by a paper referral form in person to your clinic.

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